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Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker

Prairie Sky Trails Association

Prairie Sky Trails Association Inc. is a non-profit organization created to enhance and develop trails, public parks, and greenspaces in close association with Rural Municipalities and developing organizations. Prairie Sky Trails Association focuses on providing unique, recreational, and educational opportunities for persons of all ages and abilities in the establishment of several miles of trails to date that accompany public green spaces and recreational parks.

Namely, the non-profit organization has developed 2,000 meters of trails adjacent to Lucien Lake at Prairie’s Edge Development. The trails offer recreational opportunity to a range of community members with a variety of uses including walking, running, bicycling, snowshoeing, skiing, and horseback riding.

The non-profit organization has also committed to enriching public green spaces in the past through the planting and nurturing of trees, flowers, and shrubs. In addition to trails and green spaces, Prairie Sky Trails Association has also contributed to the establishment of multiple playgrounds and play structures in public parks. The non-profit organization plans to stay true in their commitment of providing the pubic with refreshing trails, parks, and green spaces they can utilize while enjoying nature and the outdoors. Prairie Sky Trail Association has also provided educational and recreational programming for children in the community, funded by Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association. In 2021, they hosted a “Kids Afternoon in the Park” at Water’s Edge Development at Lucien Lake, where children from the community were welcomed to engage in an educational lesson regarding bean growth and took home numerous toys and items.

Prairie Sky Trails Association at Sunset Beach

Prairie Sky Trails Association has applied for funding to develop and maintain recreational trails at Sunset Beach. The creation of trails with benches, signage, and waste receptacles aims to provide the community an opportunity to enjoy the natural landscape of Sunset Beach overlooking beautiful Lake Diefenbaker.

The proposed trails are planning to connect two existing municipal reserves, designed exclusively for walking, running, bicycling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

Funding success and trail progression updates can be found on our social media accounts.

Prairie Sky Trails Association is also planning on applying for funding through Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association to offer recreational and educational programming to the children in the community of Sunset Beach.

Updates on programming content, dates, and activities can be found on our social media accounts.