Frequently Asked Questions

Sunset Beach is located on a naturally gorgeous 150 acre parcel of land defined by the sheltered inlets of Dog Leg Coulee and Cooper Bay. The subdivision is situated on the East shore of Lake Diefenbaker, between the Village of Elbow and Gardiner Dam/ Danielson Provincial Park.

Click here to see our guide & directions to Sunset Beach.

We offer a variety of options for tours. You are welcome to self-tour the site at your convenience. There are signs on site and designated parking areas.

We are happy to tour you around. A guided tour allows us to answer any questions you may have, point out Sunset Beach highlights, and fill you in on upcoming plans.

You can book a tour by clicking here or contact Shelley by phone/text at 306-231-4895 or by email at shelley@sunsetbeachforsale.ca

Lots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In order to secure property pricing and availability, you must send a $500 deposit via e-transfer to info@sunsetbeachforsale.ca to have the Offer to Purchase drawn up. The $500 will be applied to the property purchase price.

Once we have received your deposit, we will contact our lawyer, Mrs. Tabbetha Gasper of Weber and Gasper, to draw up the Offer to Purchase and it will be sent to you for your review and acceptance.

Following the $500 deposit to draft the Offer to Purchase, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required to secure property pricing, availability, and a flexible possession date in this calendar year to best suit your needs. However, if you would like possession to be immediate (2-3 weeks), we will not require the 10% deposit upfront, just the total purchase balance prior to the rapid possession date.

Once an Offer to Purchase Agreement for a specified lot is completed and the non-refundable 10% deposit is received (held in trust at Weber & Gasper law office), your property will be officially placed on HOLD. You are then assured the price and availability.
Mail or Express Post Deposit to: Weber and Gasper, Box 1030, Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0. The title will be transferred as soon as the balance of the purchase price is received.

If you are interested in securing a property, the details we need to confirm are:

  • Lot and Block Number
  • Purchase Price – Set from Price List, 5% GST will be added
  • Deposit Amount –10% required to secure price and availability
  • Possession Date (Note: this must be a specific calendar date; can not just say ASAP. We recommend allowing at least 2 weeks to process the sale)
  • Purchaser Information Required: Full name(s), address and contact information
  • Will the purchaser be obtaining a mortgage for the purchase? Purchases that will be completed using mortgage proceeds will need to allow time for the mortgage documentation to be completed, likely at least 3 weeks.

Property sales are handled by our lawyer, Mrs. Tabbetha Gasper, of Weber & Gasper. You can contact Weber & Gasper by telephone at (306) 682-5038 or email at weber.gasper@sasktel.net

512 7th Street
P.O. Box 1030
Humboldt, SK
S0K 2A0                          

Each purchaser will be responsible for their own legal costs associated with the purchase of a property, and you are welcomed to engage your own legal representation.

Alternatively, Weber & Gasper is affordable, efficient, and professional in its service to assist and represent you in the purchase process. They have handled dozens of transactions for us over 15 years of recreational development projects with ease and expertise and we are confident you will be in excellent hands .

Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker properties are a minimum of 15 x 30 meters in size. Most parkside lots measure 23 x 30 meters in size. Many lakefront and 2nd row properties are 30 x 40 meters and larger.

You can view a full development map with lot dimensions here.

Check out our price list here!

  • All lots are titled, serviced and available for immediate possession
  • Exceptional flexibility with no building time requirements
  • Investment protection with Building Specifications registered on each property
  • SaskPower service to each property
  • Each property is 4-season accessible
  • All properties include engineered graveled approach with steel culvert
  • Easy holding tank supply, install, and service available tailored to your needs
  • Convenient, affordable potable water delivery service established
  • Regular, cost-effective wastewater removal service in place
  • Non-potable water fill station for owner tree establishment and landscaping needs available onsite
  • Private, gated boat launch exclusively for owners with new dock system
  • Onsite amenities including centrally located Legacy Park & Playground, picnic area, extensive natural beach site with all abilities access ramp, little free library, conveniently located bike racks, owner exclusive parking areas, over 3km of walking trails, and much more
  • Future onsite private facilities are planned including a Sport Court coming Spring 2024
  • The RM of Loreburn No. 254 will perform all season road maintenance to the road allowance and internal subdivision roads.

Spacious, titled, lake properties with no time requirements to build that are zoned Resort Residential, providing maximal flexibility to enjoy with an RV, park model, cabin, or lake home.

Sunset Beach Map 

Yes, the RM of Loreburn maintains the main access road an internal subdivision roads throughout all seasons.

The risk of flooding is extremely low. Lake Diefenbaker is a man-made reservoir that is 140 miles long with over 580 miles of shoreline. The Water Security Agency sets the environmental reserve level at a maximum high water mark and the water cannot exceed this level, with height and flow regulated by Gardiner Dam. It is important to note that water levels can fluctuate significantly in a short amount of time. Lake Diefenbaker has exceptional water quality for water sports, fishing, and agricultural/irrigation purposes, among other uses.

Click here to learn more about Lake Diefenbaker.

Yes! Docks and boat lifts are permitted at Sunset Beach. The Water Security Agency (WSA) requirements and associated permitting is the responsibility of the individual lot owner.

If the proposed dock will be a permanent structure or its installation requires the addition of materials (ex. driving piles, gravel, sand, etc.) to the bed, bank, or boundary of Cooper Bay, property owners located at Sunset beach can apply for a single boat dock by filling out an Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit (AHPP).

The application will be reviewed by the Aquatic Habitat Protection group and forwarded to the Lands and Legal Unit for their review on a case-by-case basis. Each request will need to include GPS locations along with a map showing the placement of the dock in addition to other requirements of the AHPP application. If the location is approved by the Lands and Legal Unit, a 1-5 year land use permit will be provided to the applicant for their review and signature. A permit fee, determined based on the application request, will need to be paid by cheque with the return of the signed permit. A copy of the executed permit will be provided to the client as well as the Aquatic Habitat Protection Unit, which they will need in order to issue the AHPP.

Please note that construction and/or removal of a permanent dock or boat lift that is attached through permanent anchoring systems, driven piles, or other permanent anchoring systems to the bed, bank or boundary of a water body requires a permit from the WSA. If your proposed project is within municipal lands, you may require consent from the appropriate RM, Village or District authority during your planning phase (ex. Municipal Reserve, Public Reserve, Environmental Reserve or municipal road allowance.)

Seasonal/temporary docks are exempt from an AHPP, however lot owners will still be required to apply for an annual land-use permit. The proposed structure design and installation must comply with WSA’s fact sheet entitled “Private Temporary or Seasonal Docks and Boat Lifts“.

At this time, existing permit holders will be given first priority to annually renew their land use permit. If WSA received an application for a previously permitted location, the permit holder of that location will be contacted to confirm their renewal if WSA has not already heard from them.

A Land Use Permit is needed to place structures on land owned by the WSA. The AHPP is the regulatory document that is required for work occurring in and around the water bodies.

Inquiries may be send to:
Alex Blais-Montpetit
Southwest Region
Ph: 306-787-4337
Email: Alex.Blais-Montpetit@wsask.ca


Lot owners can develop within their property boundaries. As developers, we have no jurisdiction on land governed by the local Municipality (Municipal Reserve or Environmental Reserve) and Water Security Agency (WSA). Any lakeshore alteration requires a permit that is available through the Water Security Agency.

You can find the Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit Guidelines here.

Further documentation is available at the Water Security Agency website.


Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker has a boat launch exclusively for property owners, providing convenient, easy lake access all season long in a safe and sheltered inland harbor.

For more information, click here.

There are other Boat Launches available near Sunset Beach:
Gardiner Dam Boat Launch – 17 km from Sunset Beach
Danielson Park Boat Launch – 12 km from Sunset Beach
Coteau Beach – 4 km from Sunset Beach
Tufts Bay – 14 km from Sunset Beach
Elbow Marina – 18 km from Sunset Beach

View the Boat Launch Map here.

This inlet closest to Phase 1 of the Sunset Beach subdivision is named Cooper Bay. This inlet is very deep and does not dry out.
The inlet to the West of the Sunset Beach development site is named Dog Leg Coulee and is also very deep, sheltered and does not dry out.
Please see the 2017 depth map created by AE Engineering.

There is no time requirement to build at Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker. We offer exceptional flexibility to suit your needs.

The Sunset Beach Building Specification and Development Agreement is registered against the Lot for the protection of the Purchaser and other owners of Lots in the subdivision being developed by the Vendor. The agreement has been created for the following considerations:

  • Preservation of the natural environment as much as possible
  • Protection and maintenance of the market value of the property
  • Respect for the rights of neighbouring property owners

The Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker Subdivision is Zoned Resort Residential. Comprehensive information on recreational resort zoning, developing, and building permits can be found here.

All buildings in the RM of Loreburn require:

In the early planning stages (prior to any building), you should be in contact with the RM of Loreburn. Their contact information can be found here.

Yes – click here to view the Phase 1 Geotech Report.

Click here to view the Phase 2 Geotech Report.

Cabins, RTM’s, park models or RV’s are all permitted in the Recreational Resort Zoned District of Sunset Beach.

There are no minimum size requirements for building in the Sunset Beach Development. All lot development and building requires a development permit and a building permit from the RM of Loreburn.

See Building Specification Agreement and the RM of Loreburn Zoning for more information.

No –  standards in the Sunset Beach Building Specifications Agreement for RVs incorporate the RM of Loreburn Bylaws and Recreational Resort Zoning District requirements.

In accordance with the RM of Loreburn bylaw, there can be only ONE RV per lot.
Guest recreational vehicles shall NOT be permitted on sites where the principal residential use is a recreational vehicle.
Guest recreational vehicles shall NOT be hooked up to the water and sewer service connections on any site, whether or not those connections serve the existing principal use on the site.
Guest recreational vehicles are permitted for up to 30 days per calendar year, between April 1st and October 31st. 30 days shall mean the number of days ANY guest recreational vehicle is present on a site.

Please feel free to contact the RM of Loreburn if you have any additional questions. You can find their website and contact information here.

All properties are designated as Recreational Resort Zoning within the RM of Loreburn’s Zoning Bylaw. This means that one principal use shall be permitted on any property including an RV, Park Model, or Cabin/Lake Home.
Further to this, there are no time requirements to build.

In very select instances, it is a possibility. All buildings to be located on the property must be of new construction, utilizing new building materials or approved in advance of placement on property by developers and the RM of Loreburn, with all upgrades complete. In certain instances, on a case by case basis, consideration will be given to existing buildings that have new exteriors (siding, roof, windows, doors etc.). Any and all upgrades must be completed prior to any movement onsite and strict aesthetic considerations by the developer will be adhered to.

Yes, you can dig a basement.

Yes, as long as lot improvements fall within the RM of Loreburn Bylaws, Zoning and the Sunset Beach Building Specifications. 

Yes! Trees, shrubs and landscaping are welcomed and encouraged.

All plumbing installations require a permit be obtained from Saskatchewan Health Authority prior to installing plumbing works. All plumbing work is to be done by a Journeyman Plumber. Homeowners may be able to do their own plumbing if their plumbing system will not be connected to a communal water system. For rural inspections, submit the permit application to your inspector 5 days in advance of the inspection. Permits are not required when changing fixtures (toilets, sinks, etc.) but do apply when building a new system, and when changing vent or drainage piping.

Wastewater removal is readily available from local haulers with agreements to dispose in the Village of Elbow lagoon on a fee-for-service basis.

Rural Plumbing Permit Process

The process for rural plumbing permit application, approval, and inspection will be as follows:

Step 1: Submit application and payment to Heartland Health Region in Rosetown: hhr.publichealthinspection@saskhealthauthority.ca 

Step 2: Public Health Inspector reviews the application.

Accepted applications: Contactor will receive a permit number.
Rejected applications: Contractor will have application returned for resubmission.

Step 3: Contractor contacts the district inspector to book an inspection. The permit number and location must be provided during booking. Contractors must give at minimum 5 business days’ notice for inspections. You may not schedule an inspection prior to permit approval and payment.

Step 4: Once the plumbing works is inspected and approved, the district inspector issues the completed permit to the contractor.

Owners will be required to install water holding tanks. Treated water is readily available from the Village of Elbow by local suppliers on a fee for service basis.

For drilling a new well, you need to apply for a Permit to Conduct Ground Water Investigation from the Water Security Agency.

Sunset Beach well water success was achieved in the fall of 2018 by All Out Drilling. For details, contact Brody Ellis at 306-948-9307 or visit their website.

Yes, we have added a non-potable water fill station exclusively for lot owners for landscaping and tree watering convenience. Property owners are asked to contact us directly to obtain access instructions.

Sunset Beach fire suppression services will be provided by the Village of Elbow Fire Department under agreement with the RM of Loreburn.

Sunset Beach property owners are considered residents of the RM of Loreburn and therefore are allowed access and use of the solid waste transfer site in the municipality.

The municipality still operates a waste disposal grounds located on NW 01-27-05 W3. It is open to RM of Loreburn residents for disposal of domestic waste, wood, and steel. There are designated sites for each type of waste and it must be sorted. The municipality has placed a red Loraas bin at the waste disposal grounds to help with the removal of items that cannot be put into designated areas. The municipality does not accept tires, construction rubble, hazardous waste of any kind, concrete, used oil or containers at the site. Burning is prohibited at the disposal grounds. There is an employee of the RM that works at the Waste Disposal Site to help with the selection of what can be taken in at the grounds.
Current hours of operation can be found on the RM of Loreburn website under Services.

The Sunset Beach Community Association has also facilitated garbage pickup by Loraas Disposal. Service is from May until October, every second Tuesday. New lot owners can contact Jason Janzen at Loraas to set up service: 306-242-2300

The Municipality now has a Loraas Recycle bin at the nuisance grounds/solid waste disposal site. Come items which may be placed in the recycle bin included: flattened corrugated cardboard and paperboard, newspapers, flyers, magazines, telephone books, brown paper bags, paper egg cartons, aluminum cans, milk cartons, juice cartons, plastic drinking bottles, plastic grocery bags, and glass bottles. Do not bag or tie paper materials and clean and rinse containers. For more information, contact the RM office 306-644-2022

You can also visit the RM of Loreburn website for Waste Disposal Services.

No, natural gas is not feasible at this time. However, propane is a permitted, viable, and cost effective alternative.

All properties at Sunset Beach are serviced with SaskPower.

A select group of turnkey property offerings include installed 100 amp custom power pedestals ready to plug in and enjoy once a new owner account is set up with SaskPower. Other properties have SaskPower service to the property boundary and will require an electrician to put a sticker on the pedestal and run power to either a temporary or permanent location.

All new owners will have access to step by step instructions for getting their new power system in place.

You can contact SaskPower by phone at 1-888-757-6937

The Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker Subdivision is in the RM of Loreburn #254. Taxes are based on an assessment of the lot and any subsequent property developments and are paid to the RM of Loreburn.

  • Empty Lakefront Property – Approximately $400-$450 in taxes annually
  • Empty Lot in Block 2, 3, 4, & 6 – Approximately $300-$350 in taxes annually
  • Empty Lot in Block 5 – Approximately $400-$450 in taxes annually
  • Any property with improvements will be evaluated on the assessed value of the improvement. Currently, for every $12,500 in assessed value on improvements, approximately $103 will be payable in taxes annually.
  • Land with improvements worth $200,000 will owe approximately $2,000 in taxes annually.
  • Land with improvements worth $60,000 will owe approximately $1,000 in taxes annually.

Please note, these are estimated numbers and assessed values and mill rate factors can change yearly.

Examples from the RM of Loreburn in a Resort Residential zoned development can be found here.

Contact the RM of Loreburn for further details.

No, there are no annual fees to the developer or Community Association.

Annual property taxes, along with lagoon fees and licenses are payable to the RM of Loreburn:
Annual Lagoon Fees – $175 annually
Mobile Trailer License – $100 annually
Please contact the RM of Loreburn.

Yes. All applicable federal, provincial, and municipal legislation, including the RM of Loreburn Bylaws, must be adhered to. The developer does not have use restrictions at Sunset Beach related to quads, ATV’s and golf carts.
There is a designated parking area near the beach for quads, ATV’s and golf carts.

There are 4 golf courses within an hour of Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker:

Sunset Beach has over 3 km of recreational trails throughout the development. Buffalo Berry Trail runs along the shoreline with spectacular views of Lake Diefenbaker. Lilac Blossom trails runs through the interior of the development. Wild Sage trail runs north of the development. The trails have benches and garbage cans along the paths.

Sunset Beach is also adjacent to the Trans Canada Trail (also known as The Great Trail): one of the world’s longest networks of multi-use recreational trails.

Just up the road from Sunset Beach is a must see destination for recreational trail enthusiasts: the Elbow Trail. Part of the Trans Canada Trail, the Elbow Trail spans 6km along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Diefenbaker, from Tufts Bay to the marina and Harbor Golf Course clubhouse. Developed by Elbow residents, business owners and vacationers, this packed-earth trail is operational year-round. Hiking, cycling, and jogging are encouraged in the spring, summer, and autumn months, and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. Parking lots are available for parking mid-point along the trail.

We also recommend checking out the sand dunes at nearby Douglas Park.

Sunset Beach has an accessible ramp to the main beach area to allow easier access. It is wide enough to accommodate most wheelchairs, strollers, etc.

Sunset Beach Ramp Sunset Beach Ramp









Sunset Beach also has an all terrain wheelchair that is available for use on the beach and trails. For instructions on accessing the wheelchair, contact Shelley at 306-231-4895.

Beach and All Terrain Wheelchair

Sunset Beach has installed an accessible public washroom near the Wild Sage Trail entrance. There is a parking lot located beside this location.

SunsetBeachWashroomSunset Beach Accessible Washroom


There is a kiosk with full development map showing the trails throughout Sunset Beach located near the entrance to Wild Sage trail. There is a parking area and accessible public washroom located here as well.

The trails at Sunset Beach have rest stops with benches and garbage cans along the way. The trails are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers.

The all terrain wheelchair can be used on the trails. To access the chair, contact Shelley at 306-231-4895

Sunset Beach Trail MapSunset Beach Trail BenchesBuffalo Berry Trail


There are some inclusive components at the Legacy Park & Playground.

There are benches and picnic tables in this area as well.

Playground signsIMG 2039 Legacy Park and Playground