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Frequently Asked Questions

LOCATION & DIRECTIONS: How do I get to Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker?

Sunset Beach is located on a naturally gorgeous 150 acre parcel of land defined by the sheltered inlets of Dog Leg Coulee and Cooper Bay. The resort is situated on the East shore of bountiful Lake Diefenbaker between the Village of Elbow and Gardiner Dam/Danielson Provincial Park.

Click here to see our guide & directions to Sunset Beach.

*Please note that planning, engineering and construction are ongoing and site tours are restricted at this time.

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: How much are lots?

You can preview our price list here.

Special Introductory Pricing– Price and Availability will first be sent out to registrants on The Commitment List and allow first opportunity to secure property. Please see item 4 for details on registering.

LOT SIZES & DIMENSIONS: Can I preview the property information?

 Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker properties will be a minimum of 15×30 meters in size and many lakefront and 2nd row properties 25x 40 meters and larger. 

View our Subdivison Plan Map Stage One and Subdivision Plan Map Stage Two!

LOT SELECTION: How do I secure a property?

Check out our Option to Purchase Agreement and instructions on how to get on The Commitment List.

 How do I secure a lot?

  • Get on the Commitment List by completing required paperwork and paying refundable deposit to be held in trust
  • Option to Purchase Agreement can be found here.
  • Submit Completed Agreement by Email: or mail to: Prairie’s Edge Development Corporation, Box 3370 Humboldt SK S0K 2A0
  • Provide deposit payable to Weber & Gasper Law Office

Benefits to being on The Commitment List

  • Special Pricing: Receive exclusive introductory pricing
  • First Choice: The opportunity to reserve your first choice property with a fully refundable deposit ($3,000 deposit for lakefront & $1,000 for non-lakefront)
  • First Viewings: Onsite tour invites ahead of the public to find your ideal location
  • First News: Receive updates and news related to the development ahead of time
  • No RiskDeposits fully refundable at any point

SERVICES & INCLUSIONS: What do I get when I purchase a property?

  • All lots will be titled, serviced and available for immediate possession
  • Exceptional flexibility with no building time requirements
  • Investment protection with building specifications registered on each property
  • SaskPower Service complete with installed 100/200 amp pedestal ready for new owner account set up to plug in and enjoy
  • SaskTel land lines trenched along with SaskPower
  • Good cellular service available throughout development
  • Each property 4-season accessible by engineered roadways maintained by the RM
  • All properties include engineered graveled approach w/steel culvert
  • Easy holding tank install, supply, and service tailored to your needs available
  • Convenient, affordable potable water supply established
  • Regular, cost-effective wastewater removal service in place
  • Nearby boat launch and marina with future onsite private facility planned
  • The RM of Loreburn No 254 will perform all season road maintenance to the road allowance and internal subdivision roads.
  • The maintenance of driveways and approaches are the responsibility of the lot owner
  • Lot owners will have to supply a permitted and regulated septic system and water system at their cost
  • Each purchaser is responsible for their own legal costs & GST

TIME REQUIREMENTS: When are you are required to build?

There is no time requirement to build at Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker. We offer exceptional flexibility to most accurately suits your needs. 


There will be a Building Specification and Development Agreement registered against the Lot for the protection of the Purchaser and other owners of Lots in the subdivision being developed by the Vendor. The Sunset Beach Building Specifications Agreement will be available on our website when finalized.

Further notes: 

  • Helpful information can be obtained by visiting The RM of Loreburn Website
  • Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker is zoned Recreational Resort District – please reference the RM of Loreburn Zoning for more information.
  • Building permits will be required from the RM of Loreburn prior to any project construction. Building Permits can be viewed here.
  • Additional details can be obtained from the RM Administrator:

Vanessa Tastad
Rural Municipality of Loreburn No. 254
P.O. Box 40
Loreburn, SK
S0H 2S0

Phone:  (306) 644-2022
Fax:   (306) 644-2064

FRESH WATER: What are our options for service?

Owners will be required to install water holding tanks. Treated water is readily available from the Village of Elbow by local suppliers on a fee for service basis.

SEPTIC: What are the requirements for wastewater management?

An approved septic holding tank is required for waste water management. Waste water removal readily available from local haulers with agreements to dispose in the Village of Elbow lagoon on a fee for service basis.

GARBAGE: What are the garbage disposal requirements and options?

Owners will be considered residents in the RM of Loreburn and therefore allowed access allowed access and use of the solid waste transfer site in the municipality.

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