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Sunset Beach Lots

Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker features 70 Cabin and RV Lots on the East shore of Lake Diefenbaker. All lots are zoned Resort Residential with no time requirements to build and the flexibility to either enjoy an RV or Park Model Home or build a cabin or lake home. Some lot features include:

  • Lots are titled and serviced and available for purchase and immediate possession
  • Cabins can be built or RV’s parked on any lot
  • No building time requirements, providing exceptional flexibility
  • Investment protection with building specifications registered on each property
  • Minimum of 49 x 101 feet in size and many lakefront and 2nd row properties are 82 x 131 feet and larger
  • SaskPower service complete with installed 100/200 amp pedestal
  • Good cellular service throughout development
  • Development accessible year-round by engineered roadways maintained by the RM of Loreburn
  • Each individual lot includes an engineered gravelled approach with a steel culvert

Sunset Beach Image Gallery


Click on map to view the dimensons of each lot.
All dimensions are in meters.

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