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Sunset Beach Boat Launch

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Glow Stand-Up Paddleboarding 


Offered by Back2Nature Wellness and Adventures 


Looking for a truly unique and magical way to experience the great outdoors? Look no further than this night-time paddleboarding adventure, where you’ll witness the underwater world come to life in a whole new way! Perfect for those seeking wellness getaways or an unforgettable wellness adventure, this is one experience you won’t want to miss. You’ll also get the opportunity to relax with a guided meditation and lay on your board to stargaze!

Whether you’re an experienced paddleboarder or a complete novice, this excursion will take your love of the water to new heights. As you glide across the surface of the water under cover of darkness, you’ll be amazed by the glow from beneath – as underwater plants and animals are illuminated in all their glory. It’s like nothing else on earth!

But don’t take our word for it – give yourself the gift of this unforgettable adventure today. Sign up now and let us show you just how magical your next paddleboarding trip can be!

When: Friday, August 25th- 2 timeslots available 7:30 pm or 9:30pm

Where: Sunset Beach at Lake Diefenbaker